I do not believe in asking people to just donate money, I feel they need to get something in return for their support. Just like the farmer must plant a seed, nurture their crops, weed the garden then they get the harvest. I believe that in order to get something you must give something in return, a trade.

I was taught in the Traditional First Nations Circles when you pick medicine your offer tobacco. When you get a teaching you offer tobacco. When you receive a "gift" you should give something in return, medicine, cloth or a teaching.


Many people prefer to buy something that goes towards a good cause rather than just give money and get a tax receipt. Giving in return is something that teenagers are able to pick up quickly and excel at in short order.

Why do we give scholarships to disabled students, single parent students and other high needs students? These reasons are personal to me. I will go into more detail in my biography page when that is completed. Long story short.... I lost one year of education because of red tape in getting my learning disability diagnosed. Single parents are in a position in which they are working towards something better for them and their families. Being a role model to their children saying "I am going to take care of myself and my children!" Instead of the alternatives. High Needs Students may come from low income families and other situations in which they are the "spearhead" for a family. They will be the ones to break out of a cycle or a pattern Set themselves up for a bright future and be an inspiration to others in their family and community.