YESS was founded in 2002 by J. Conrad Steele, an individual with a learning disability and a physical impairment who experienced difficulties in receiving funding to continue his university studies.
In his own words: When I started YESS in Saskatchewan, there was very few decent paying jobs for teenagers under the age of 16, and YESS paid a lot better then flyer and newspaper delivery, two jobs traditionally held by teens. By having teens do sales work they break out of a comfort zone and learn that they can determine their earnings. Most jobs pay for a person to show up. Our fund-raising positions pay for results. By having teens sell our chocolates and young adults working as fund-raising supervisors we are able to do more good in our communities throughout the country. The Mandate of YESS Canada is:
  1. To Provide jobs for youth
  2. To provide scholarships for Post Secondary students who are single parents, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.